Rev. Dr. Peter Edward Burch, PhD


251 Salt Road

Webster, New York, 14580

585- 766-4180 (c)  

585-545-4866 (h)



The Charles Finney SChool

Penfield, New York, 2016 to present


Servant Leadership Institute
​The Charles Finney School 

Penfield, New York, 2020 to present


Project Compassion 

The Charles Finney School

Penfield, New York, 2012 to present

Hope Chapel
Webster, New York, 2010 to 2014


Browncroft Baptist Church 

Rochester, New York, 2006 to 2010


Vista Del Mar Baptist Church 

Pacifica, California, 2000-2006

Professor (adjunct) 

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Mill Valley, California, 2004-2006

High School Teacher

Alma Heights Christian Academy

Bible and Civics

Pacifica, California, 2002-2006


Utmost Communications Incorporated

Pacifica, California, 2001-2006

Youth Pastor

Living Word Community Church

Moraga, California, 1994-1999.


Philosophy Doctorate (PhD)


School of Education

Andrews University (MI)



Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary



Occupational Education

Wayland Baptist University (TX)



Business Management 

Hawaii Pacifica University (HI)



Construction Technology

Community College of the Air Force



United States Air Force

Engineering Specialist

United States Air Force, 1986-1994

Noncommissioned Officer of the Year 

California Air Force Association, 1994

Award of Excellence for Teaching

Alma Heights Christian Academy, 2006

Founder and Director 

Implosion Youth Conference

Bay Area, California 



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