Link to BBC documentary on India's missing girls:
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Recommended book:  The Cross and Gendercide: A Theological Response to Global Violence Against Women and Girls,
    Dr. Elizabeth Gerhardt,  Available at

Missing the Missing's Gendercide Awareness Videos

    Unmarked Graves                             Indian Tears                        Manifest Evil                      Story Time

Missing the Missing 

Hundreds of millions of lives are missing from the world's population. 
And we dearly miss them.

Project Compassion Marches  For Life in D.C.


The Gendercide Awareness Campaign

What is gendercide?  Gendercide is the deliberate extermination of a specific sex.    In this respect, gendercide has been defined as "the silent elimination of females, young and old, through sex-selective abortion, infanticide, gross neglect, and for older women, lack of access to food and shelter" (    In May of 2014, over 20 students gathered in my classroom to watch a documentary called, "It's A Girl," an eye-opening, and heart-rending film about gendercide in China and India.  Almost all of us believed that we needed to do something greater than just cry and pray and move on with our lives.  We met again the following week and decided upon Our Act of Compassion--produce short videos aimed at increasing awareness of gendercide and letting anti-gendercide activists in India,China, and elsewhere,  know that a group of Christian teenagers at The Charles Finney School have joined their campaign.   Our first video-"Unmarked Graves"was released on August 9, 2014.